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all about discipline

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Quick questions.
  RaiZ, Mar 23 2016

Can someone explain me why I've only 52% chances of winning ? Cauz it's closer to a coinflip than, say, 60/40 because I thought I had exactly 15 cards that can help me win ? Am I missing something ?
Another question : When I put a 8 of heart on that turn, it doesn't give me the same result as an 8 of diamond. Why is that ?

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Zoom robot mode
  RaiZ, Mar 12 2015

Is it because of my fucking brain malfunctioning that i'm seeing waayyyyyy more monsters when trying to play 4 tables zoom robot mode instead of trying to play "smart" with only 2 tables ?

For 2 hours, I was trying to steal pots at CO, button and everything but everytime I was chasing any sets or draws, they would never fucking come.
Then when I went Terminator, everything were so great that I crushed the tables in no time (read at least +2 bi for each tables) in 1 fucking hour.

Hello brain, you sure u workin' good ? Or is that simply luck ? Or selective memory ? Argh.


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BIackj@k 0dds ?
  RaiZ, Nov 09 2013

Alright, here is the thing :

There is a casino near my town that opens 1 or 2 poker tables (mostly only one) at around 9 pm but sadly I can't get there in time because i'm busy so the table always happens to be full when I'm there.

But there's a blackj's table near it : 4 decks, stand on 17, double allowed, 3 to 2 odds when you hit a Blackj, there is no surrender and finally you cannot double on splitting aces, only one card hit after that. It's european's style so there is no peek.

Considering all of this, and that I learned the wizz.rd of odds' chart, what are my odds to win/lose against the house while I wait for a poker's seat, if you happen to know it ?
I don't plan to play BJ's professionally, I just want to kill time. But if I can win then so be it (I really doubt it though).

Edit : btw there's also another casino that gives 2 to 1 odds, but there is one open poker's table only on a specific day. Still not bad I guess ? But I fear i'll get banned in no time if I get to play there using that chart ?

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